Borosilicate Glass Distillation Units
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Model: BASIC/PH4

Water Still – BASIC/PH4 and XL model
Dimensions ( W x D x H)
50 cm x 15 cm x 45cm
PH4-XL 50 cm x 20 cm x 55cm
Weight 6 kg. Approx.
Power 220/240V, 50/60 Hz.
Single phase. 3KW Heater.
Water Supply Min. flow rate 1 litre/min.
Min. pressure 3 p.s.i. (0.2 x 105 NM-2)

Model: BASIC/PH4 - XL
Ordering Information
Cat No. BASIC/PH4 & XL
Description BhanuPure-Hit Still
BSIC/PHB/B4 Boiler
BSIC/PH/H/3KW 3KW Heater
BSIC/PHC/B4 Condenser.
*Model BASIC/PH4
Water still – BASIC/PH4 & XL models are designed for reliable continuous operation incorporating a host of features unmatched by comparable stills. It is easy to use, safe to operate, thoroughly reliable and above all Low Cost.
*Abundant Output.The still provides, 4 litres/hr of distilled water produced through a power input of 3KW by a chromium plated heater housed in a horizontal Glass Boiler
*Distilled output is cool ensured by a high efficiency condenser. Temperature of distillate 25o C – 40o C tested for ambient room temperature of 30o C.
*All units carry Marking.
Distillate Quality
*Ideal for general Laboratory use- capable of producing pyrogen free water.

Water Still – BASIC/PH4 and XL model
Output 4 lit/hr
(using raw water)
3.0 – 4.0 µS/cm
(using treated water)
1.5 – 2.0 µS/cm
PH 5.5 – 6.0
Distillate quality Pyrogen free


The stand is powder coated for long rust free Operation. Heater is a 3KW Chromium plated heater fitted with a thermostat, which shuts off automatically in case of water supply failure.
The Boiler & Condenser are designed for high efficiencyand provided with threading for easy plumbing of condenser.
Boiler is provided with Teflon screw cork for insitu cleaning of the boiler.
All plumbing connections to the equipment are made via

screw thread connectors

has following additional safety features:

 *Gate Valve : Prevents water wastage.
 *Flow Switch : For Boiler Safety
 *On/Off switch with water failure indicator lamp.

Packing Info

    7 Ply Carton with PUF packing Dimensions : 50 cm x 47 cm x 46 cm. Gross weight : 12.00 kgs. Approx.

*Note : In India this model is launched as EDU-Still

For item number of the model, kindly refer page no.76
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