Borosilicate Glass Distillation Units
 A. Bormax   B. Easy-Still   C. Pure-Hit-Still  D. Pure-Hit Q Still

Pure-Hit Q Still
Technical Data
Water Still – BASIC/PHQ4
Output 4 lit/hr
Conductivity 1.0 - 2.0 µS/cm
Resistivity 0.5 – 1.0 Megohm-cm
pH Not specified for high
purity water
Distillate quality Pyrogen-free
(we advise checking
before use)
Temperature 25 - 35ºC

Ordering Information
Description Bhanu Pure-Hit Q Still
BSIC/PHQ/H/3KW Silica Heater
BSIC/PHQC/B4 Condenser.
For item number of the model, kindly refer page no.76

This new improved Bhanu Pure Hit Q Still is designed to meet International Safety Standards (complies with IEC 1010-1norms). This is made from Borosilicate glass, capable of delivering 4 ltrs of pure distilled water per hour.

 *Abundant Output.
 *Silica Sheathed Heater
 *Dual Safety
:Two built-in Pressure Temperature Switches for extra safety. This protects equipment rom loss of water to boiler and in the event of cooling water failure to the condenserThis unit fully complies with low voltage directives

IEC1010-1/EN 61010 : 1993.
All units carry Marking
Pure - Hit Q Still

Distillate Quality
The unit is made of high quality Borosilicate Glass with Silica Sheathed heating element to ensure high quality of distillate and complies with the European Pharmacopoeia for purified water and ASTM type 4

 *Built - in PTFE drain stopcock and acid funnel for easydraining and cleaning of the boiler
 *Screw - thread connections for safe and simple hose fitting/ removal
 *Provision for Wall or Bench mounting
 *Level control device for automatic operation of the still when used with reservoir
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