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Tablet Counter
Tablet Disintegration Test app
Tablet Hardness Tester
Tablet Making Machine
Tablet Punching Machine
Tablet Triturate Moulds
Tamping Rod
Tangent Galvanometer
Tapping key
Tar Viscometer
Taut Suspension Galvanometer
TDS Meter
Telephone Analyzer
Telephone Analyzer Digital
Temperature Indicator
Tensile Strength Tester
Test Sieves
Tetrode valve board
Tetrode Valve Char. App
The Energy (band)gap of semicond.
Thermistor Char. App.
Thermo Hygrometer
Thermocouple Kit
Thermoluminescence of F-centres
Thevnin's Theorem
Thickn ess Gauge
Thyratron valve
Thyratrion board
Thyratron Valve Characteristic App.
Ticker tape timer
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Tile Flexure Strength Test
Tincture Press
TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)
To study work function of diode
Tong tester
Torsion apparatus
Torsion Pendulum
Torsion Testing Machine
Transformer (Single Phase)
Transformer (Three Phase)
Transistor (NPN) Char. App.
Transistor (PNP & NPN) Char. App.
Transistor (PNP) Char. App.
Transistor biasing ckt
Transistor Tester
Travelling Microscope
Triac Characteristic app.
Triaxial Cell
Triaxial Shear app
Triode valve
Triode valve board
Triode Valve Char. App.
Tripod Stand
Tube Filling Machine
Tube Sealing Machine
Tuned (narrow band) amp. Ckt
Tuning Fork
Tuining Fork Pad
Tuniing Fork electrical
Turbidity Meter
TV Trainer
Two stage Transistor amp. Ckt
Two stroke petrol engine model
UJT Characteristic app.
UJT saw tooth Oscillator
Ultra Sonic Dopler
Ultrasonic Diffraction Grating Exp
Ultrasonic diffraction grating exp kit
Universal Permeability
Universal Testing Machine
UV (ultra violet) lamp
UV cabinet
Ultrasonic Interferometer
Unconfined Compression Test app
Universal Centrifuge
Universal Force Table
Universal Motor
Van De Graff Generator
Vane Shear Apparatus
VDRL Rotator
Vee Bee Consistometer
Vernier Callipers
Vernier Microscope
Vertical Autoclave
VHF Oscillator
Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Table
Vibration Magnetometer
Vicat Mould
Vicat Needle app
Vickers Hardness Tester
Viscosity app. Capillary Flow
Viscosity By Oscillating Disc
Viscosity By Stoke's Method
Voltage doubler & tripler circuit
Volume Change Gauge
Vortex Shaker
Wagner's Shaking Machine
Wall Thermometer
Watch Glass
Water Analysis Kit
Water Bath
Water Distillation Plant
Water Still
Water Voltameter
Wave Plate
Wein Bridge Oscillator
Wein's Bridge
Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer
Wheatstone Bridge
Wheell and Axle
Whirling Table
Wide band (video) amp. Circuit
Wide Range Sine/Square Oscillator
Willy Grinder
Wind Vane
Wire Gauge
Wood Moisture Meter
Wooden box for sod./mercury/lamp
Wrist Action Shaking Machine
Young's Modulus Apparatus
Zeeman Effect Apparatus
Zener diode board
Zener Diode characteristic app.
Zinc Plate
Zinc Rod
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