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P.F. Attenuator
Parallelogram Law of Forces App
Pathological Microscope
Pattern Generator
Pendulum Bobs
Pendulum Impact Testing Mach
Pensky Marten's Flash Point App
Pentode valve board
Pentode Valve Char. App
Permeability App
Ph electrode
PH Meter
PH Paper
Phase control using SCR
Phase control using triac
Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Ckt
Phase Sequence Indicator
Phase Shift Oscillator
Photo cell
Photo Cell Char. App.
Physical Balance
Physical Weight Boxes
PID Controller Kit
Pin Hole Camera
Planck's constant app
Planck's means of LEDs
Planotory Mixer
Plano Convex app
Plstic Limit app
Plate Bearing Test app
Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Platinum Wire Fused
Plug key
Plugable component board
PNP board
Pocket Penetrometer
Pohl's commutator
Point load index tester
Poisson's Ratio of rubbar app
Polishing Pan
Poloroid Disc
Pore Water Pressure app
Portable Ammeter
Portable Autoclave
Portable conductivity meter
Portable DO Meter
Portable Ph meter
Portable TDS meter
Portable voltmeter
Portable wheatstone bridge
Post Office Box
Potential transformer
Power Analyser
Power Electronics
Power Factor Meter
Power Supplies
Pozzolana Cement Mortar
Pressure Measurement Kit
Proctor Needle
Programmable counter
Programmable shift register
Projection Screen
Prototype band pass filter
Prototype band reject filter
Proving Ring
Proving Ring Penetrometer
Pulley app
Pulse Amplitude Mod & Demod
Pulse Position Mod & Demod
Pulse Width Mod & Demod trainer
Pulveriser laboratory
Push pull amp. Ckt
Quartz Prism Quincke's Surface Tension Mercury
R.F. Oscillator
Rain Gauge
Rams Bottom Carbon Residue app
Random Access Memory (RAM)
Ranking Apparatus For Gases
Rapid Moisture Meter
Ray Light Interferometer
Rayleigh Self Inductance Bridge
RC circuit
Reading Telescope
Reciprocating Theorem
Rectifier & Filter Char. App
Redwood Vapour Pressure Test app
Relative Density app
Research Optical Bench
Resistance Boxes
Resistance in parallel app
Resistance in series app
Resonance Tube app
Retort Stand
Reverse counter
Reversibel key
RF watt meter
RF/AF/ Signal Generator
Riffle Apparatus
Rigidity Stand for above
Ring & Ball
Ripple counter
Rising Table
Rocking Microtome
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Rockwell-Brinell Hardness Tester
Room Thermometer
Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker
Rotary Flasks Shaker
Rotary Microtome
Rubber String app.
Rubber Tubing
Salt Meter
Sampling Auger Outfit
Sampling Tubes
Sand Absorption Cone & Temper
Saybolt Viscometer
Schering Bridge
SCR Characteristic app.
Screw Gauge
Searle's Surface Tension app
Searls's Surface Tension Balance
Searls's Thermal Conductivity app
Seed Germinator
Self Comp. Const. Pressure System
Semi conductor diode board
Semicond. (PN Jun,) Diode char.
Sextant Stand
Shift register
Shrinkage Bar Mould
Shrinkage Limit app
Sieve Shaker
Signal Injector
Signal Tracer
Simple Pendulum
Sine/Square Oscillator
Single ended power amp. Ckt
Single Slit
Single stage Transistor amp. Ckt
Slide Projector
Slotted Weights
Slump Test app
Smoke Point app.
Sodium Lamp Transformer
Sodium Vapour Lamp
Softening Point app.
Soil Analysis kit
Soil Determination app.
Soil Testing
Soil Trimmer
Solar Cell Char. App.
Solar Education Kit
Solar Panel (cell)
Sound Level Meter
Soxhlet Extraction Uint
Spectrometer Prism
Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS) range
Spectrophotometer (VIS-range)
Spirit Lamp
Spirit Lavel
Split Spoon Sampler
Spot Reflecting Galvanometer
Spring Balance
Spring Testing Machine
Standard Penetration Test Kit (SPT)
Standard Penetrometer
Standard Spatula
Star Delta Starter
Static Cone Penetrometer
Stefan's Constant Kit
Step Down Transformer
Stepper Motor
Stewart's & Gee's app
Stop Clock
Stop Watch (mechanical)
Strain gauge
Student Kelvin Bridge
Student Microsope
Study of 'H' parameters transistor
Subtractor Adder
Superposition Theorem
Suppository Mould
Susceptibility of Fe SO4 solution
Susceptibility Paramagnetic Sol.
Swell Test Apparatus
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