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e/m bar magnet (Thompson method)
e/m by magnetic focussing method
e/m long solenoid (Helical method)
e/m Millikan iil drop method
e/m short solenoid (Magnetron)
Earth Inductor
Earth resistance tester
Edser-Butler Plate
Electric Agate Pestle & Mortar
Electrical Machine Trainer
Electrolysis Of Nacl
Electromagnetic pickup/Freq. Ctr.
Electron Spin Reso.Spectromtr.
Electronic Standard Cell
Electronic Volt-Ohm Meter (VTVM)
Electroplating App
Elongation Of A Spring
Emitter follower circuit
Energy gap Ge Crystal Four Probe
Engler Viscometer App
Eureka Wire
Extractor Frame Hydraulic
Extractor Frame Universal
Fabry-Perot Etalon
Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Falling Plate app
Fatique Testing Machine
Feedback amp.circuit
FET amp.circuit
FET Characteristic App.
Fiat Engine
Field Density Test App
Field Strength Meter dB Meter
Field Vane Shear Test App
Film Stripping Device
Filter Paper
Fixed Frequency Oscillator
Flame Photometer
Flashing & Ouenching of neon
flat Wire Spiral Spring
Fletcher Trolley
Flexural Test Machine
Filp flops
Flow Cup Viscometer
Flow Table
Fly Wheel
FM Signal Generator
Foetal Heart Monitor
Foot pump
Forbe's Conductivity App
Force Into Force Arm App
Fortin's Barometer
Four stroke diesel engine model
Four stroke petrol engine model
Fouruer Analysis Kit
Fractional Weight Box
Frank Hertz Experiment
Frequency/FSK/Mod.& Demod.
Frequency Counter
Frequency meter
frequecy Modulator
Frensnel's Bi-prism
Friability Test App
Friction Apparatus
Function Generator
G.M. Counter
Gas Tap
Gauging Trowel
Gear Box Turrent Type
Galss Distillation App
Glass Prism
Glass Slab
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Grain Size Analysis App
Gyratory Sieve Shaker
Haemoglobin (Hb) Meter
Hall Effect Experiment
Hand Centrifuge
Hand Grinding Mill
Hand Held Deguzing Coil
Hand refractometer
Hartal's Optical Disc
Hartal's Oscillator
He Ne Laser exp. Kit
Head Capacity kit
Heat OF Hydration App
Heating Mantles
Heating Plates
Helmholtz's galvanometer
Hey's Bridge
High pass m-derived filter
High pass prototype filter
High pass tenninating half sections
High Speed Stirrer electrical
Hollow Glass Prism
Hook's law app
Horizontal autoclave
Horse Shoe magnet
Hot extraction (Soxhelet) equip.
Hubbard Field Apparatus
Hydraulic Press
IC operational amp.Ckt
Impulses Turbine
Inclined Plane
Industrial Kelvin bridge
Inertia Apparatus
Inertia Bar
Inertia Disc
Inertia Table
Insulation tester (meggar)
Jaeger's Surface Tension App
Jamin Interferometer
Jaw Crusher
Jolting App
Joule's Calorimeter
K' Constant Spring
Kahn Shaking madchine
Kater's Pendulum Stand
Kater's Reversible Pendulum
Kelly Ball Penetration App
Kelvin Double Bridge
Kinematic Viscometer Bath
Kirchoff's Law
Kjeldahl Digestion Unit
Kjeldahl Distill. & Digestion Unit
Kjeldahi Distillation Unit
Kohlraush Conductivigty Bridge
Kundt's Tube corming glass tube
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