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A/D converter
Abbe refractometer
Abbot's Compaction App
Abel's Flash Point App
AC Capacitor Type Motor
AC millivoltmeter
AC Slip Ring Type Motor
AC Repulsion Motor
AC Series Motor
AC Squirrel Cage Motor
Acid Battery
Adder subtractor
Adjustable Slit
Aggregate Crushing Value App
Aggregate Impact Teste
Aggregate Testing
Air Entrainment Meter
Air Pump
AM/FM/Signal Generator
Amplifier Circuits
Ampule Sealing & Washing Mach
Ampule Washing Machine
Analytical Balance
Analytical Inst.
Analytical Wt Boxes
Anderson Bridge
Aneroid Barometer
Aniline Point App.
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
Aseptic Cabinet
Astable Multivibrator
Astronomical Telescope
Audio 0scillators
Audio Output Meter
Audio Sweep Generator
Audio watt Meter
Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Auto Transformer Type Starter
Autotlevel Consolidometer
B.H. curve app
Babinet's Compensator
Ball Mill
Ballistic Galvanometer
Bar & Gauze
Bar Magnet
Barlow Wheel
Battery Chargers
Battery clip
Battery Eliminators
Battery hydrometer
BCD counter
BCD to decimal decoder
Beam Moulds
Beckman's Thermometer
Bell Experiment App
Bending of Beam App
Bending of Beam Koenig method
Benkelman Beam
Bifilar Pendulum
Binary counter
Binocular Microscope
Bio Gas Plant Model
Biprism Assemdly
Bistable multivibrator
Bitumen Extractor
Bitumen Testing Inst
Blain Air Permeability App
Blood Analyser
BOD incubator
Boltzman's Constant Kit
Bomb Calorimeter
Bootstrap time base (sweep) gen.
Boyle's Law Apparatus
Bramah Press
Bread Boards
Brinell Hardness Tester
Briquette Mould
Bulk Density Measure
Bunsen Burner
Bunsen Grease Spot Photometer
Burning Test Lamp
Cable Fault Locator
Calcite Prism
California Bear. Ratio (CBR) Test
Callendar & Griffith Bridge
Callender & Barne's Cont. Flow App
Cantilever Apparatus
Capacitance Meter
Capillary Tube Clamp
Caping Set
Capsule Filing Machine
Carbon Rod
Carbon Sulphur App
Carry Foster Bridge
Carry foster key
CBR mould
Celearity Test App
Cill Box
Cell Tester
Cement Mortar Concrete Perm.
Cement Permeability
Cement Testing
Charge & discharge key
Charge Discharge of cond. App.
Charged porous pot
Clamping circuits
Cleaveland Flash & Fire Point App
Clement circuits
Cloud & Pour Point App
Coating Pan
Collision in 2 -D App
Colony Counter
Colpitt's Oscillator
Communication Engineering
Compaction App
Compaction Factor App
Copaction (Photo Micrometer)
Compass Box
Complementary sym.o/p amp.ckt.
Compound Piezo-electric Oscillator
Compound Pendulum
Compression Test. Machine (CTM)
Concave Lens
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Permeability
Concrete Test Hammer
Concrete Testing
Conductivity App
Conductivity cell
Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Of Glass App
Conductivity Of Rubber App
Cone Penetrometer
Conical Perculator (Soxhelet) Eqpt.
Conning Tools
Conradson Carbon Residue App.
D/A converter
D'Arsonaval Galvanometer
Dames and Moor Sampler
Daniel Cell
DC Compound Generator
DC Compound Motor
DC Power Supplies
DC Series Motor
DC Shunt Generator
DC Shunt Motor
DC Starter
DCC Wire
De Morgan's Theorems
Dean & Stark App
Decade Boxes
Decade Capacitance Boxes
Decade Inductance Boxes
Decade Resistance Boxe
Deep Freezer
Deflection Magnetometer
Demonstration CRT
Demonstration Dynamo
Demonstration Electric Bell
Demonstration Electromagnet
Demonstration meters
Demonstration Motor
Demonstration Power Supply
Demonstration solar cell with bulb
Demonstration solar cell with fan
Demonstration solar cell with meter
Demonstration Solar Cooker
Demonstration Solar Radio
Demonstration Thanformer
Demo. Transistor Radio Receiver
Demonstration Windmill
Demonstrtion X-ray tube
Depend. Of Hall Coefficient on temp.
De-sauty Bridge
Deval Abrasion Testing Machine
Dial Characteristic App.
Dial Gauge
Dielectric Constant App
Differential amp. Ckt
Diffraction Grating
Digital AC Millivoltmeter
Digit. Blood Anal./Lab Sys. Anal.
Digital Capacitance meter
Digital Clinical Flame Photometer
Digital Colony Counter
Digital conductivity meter
Digital DC Microvoltmeter
Digital DO Meter
Digital Flame Photometer
Digitla Frequency Counter
Digital Glossmeter
Digital Haemoglobin (Hb) Meter
Digital LCR meter
Digital Line Frequency Counter
Digital Micro ohm meter
Digital Millivolt/Milliampere Source
Digital Naoammeter
Digital Nephelmeter
Digital Ohm meter
Digital Ohm Meter/Comparator
Digital Opacity Meter
Digital Panel meter
Digital Ph meter
Digital Photo colorimeter
Digital Picoammeter
Digital Power Analyser
Digital Salt Meter (Portable)
Digital Tacho meter
Digital TDS meter
Digital Temperature Indicator
Digital Temp. Indicator / Controller
Digital Turbidity meter
Digital Watt meter
Dciode as a clipping element
Diode as a half, full, bridge rectifier
Diode valve
Diode valve board
Diode Valbe Characteristic App.
Dip Circle
Direct On Line Starter
Direct Shear App
Dissecting Microscope
Dissolution Rate Test App
Disstortion Oxygen Meter
Distotion Meter
DO Meter
Doctor Centrifuge
Dorry Abrasion Testing Mach
Double Slit
Drawing Board
Drop Point App
Drug Spatula
Dry Cell
Dry electrolyte for NiFe Cell
Ductility Testing Mach
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