Benny Impex
Milk Testing Kit for FAT & SNF Testing
Butyrometric Determination of Fat Content in Milk according to Gerber...

Milk Butyrometer 0 -10% BENNY - Tested
Lock Stopper - Brass Cap
Lock Stopper Keys - Aluminium
Milk Pipette 10.75 ml. - BENNY - Tested
Plastic Tilt Measure 1 ml. with Bottle
Plastic Tilt Measure 10 ml. with Bottle
Sample Bottle 85 ml.
Plastic Sample Bottle Stand - 12 Holes
Plastic Butyrometer Shaking Stand - 12 Holes
Plastic Butyrometer Holding Stand - 12 Holes
Plastic Pipette Stand
Nylon Butyrometer Cleaning Brush
Nylon Pipette Cleaning Brush
Nylon Sample Bottle Cleaning Brush
Stainless Steel Sample Dipper 100 ml.
Gerber Centrifuge Machine - 24 Test - Hand Operated
Plastic Dropping Bottle - 250 ml.
Thermometer 0 - 110°C - Alcohol - Research
Lactometer 0-40° at T 84°F - Tested
Plastic Lactometer Jar - Small
Stainless Steel Can Plung
Amyl Alcohol - Grade A
Also Available:
A. Kit with Electric Centrifuge – 8 Test in lieu of hand centrifuge
B. Kit with Electric Centrifuge – 24 Test in lieu of hand centrifuge
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