Quartz Distillation Units
 A. All Quartz Double Distiller     B. Mini Quartz Distiller    C. Sub Boiling Distillation Assembly

All Quartz Double Distiller

All Quartz Double Distiller

Demountable Model

AQDD - XL - RSH Series
The XL - RSH series do not require additionalsafety features and are available with built - in safety.

Industrial Model
Note : Industrial models upto 20 ltrs/hr are available in XL-RSH Series.

The New All Quartz Double Distiller has been redesigned for better performance keeping in view customer requirements. These improved models have larger boiler vessels, more condensing space to eliminate certain disadvantages of the earlier versions. It is now more compact with a more balanced boiling. The new models render better performance and improved quality of distillate.

All Quartz Double Distiller

Demountable Model Keeping in view customer’s requirements & serviceability of the equipment, Bhanu is now able to offer the All Quartz Double Distiller with Demountable Boiler. The first boiler of the plant can now be dismantled from the 2nd Boiler and the condensing column making this more user friendly and better serviceability.

Special Advantages of New Demountable Model:

 Extremely easy cleaning of the first boiler since the boiler can be dismantled from the Main Unit.The Ball & Socket has been precision ground for perfect matching and interchangeability. Boilers and Condensers have larger boiling space resulting in more balanced boiling and better quality of distillate. Larger condensing area. Hence cooler distillate. More compact and easy for servicing.


Conductivity specified applies for freshly prepared water. During storage it is possible for contaminants like atmospheric carbon dioxide and alkalies from glass containers and contaminants from glass containers to be dissolved in water leading to changes in conductivity. Conductivity is affected by temperature and the presence of absorbed carbon dioxide. Test is performed on distilled water free of carbon dioxide at 20ºC.

Note on pH:

Because of difficulties associated with measurement of pH value of high purity water and the doubtful significance of the value obtained, limits for the pH values are not mentioned for Grade 1 and Grade 2 water.


The New advanced models - XL - RSH series have the following
additional features:
1. Replaceable Silica Heater: This eliminates frequent shut down of the equipment and is service free.

2. Built - in Triple Safety:-
Gate Valve : Conserves cooling water wastage in case of power failure. Flow Switch : Additional in-built safety for the equipment. Unit shuts off if cooling water to condenser ails.
Pressure Temperature Switch (PTS) : The Boiler is equipped with PTS for safety of the boiler. If water evel falls below the heater, the unit
3. Quartz Teflon Stopcock - For easy draining and cleaningof boiler.
4. Quartz Threaded connection - For easy assembly and maintenance.

Other Specifications for all the models Standard

& XL - RSH Series :
Voltage A.C 50Hz - 220/230V.
*Quality of Distillate water - Pyrogen Free Reagent
*Grade 1 - Distillate must be Tested before use.
*Conductivity - 0.1 - 0.5 µS/cm.
*Distillate Temperature - 60 - 70ºC

Additional Optional Accessories (at extra cost for both panel series and XL RSH units)

Provision for Single Distillation.
*Quartz Bulb Condenser for extra cool distillate.
*Dual Safety cut-out-Required only for standard models.
*Quartz Reservoir with Teflon Screwcock.
*Micron Filter for feed inlet.
*Level Sensor - For automatic operation of the still.
*Dechlorite Filter - To remove chlorine particles from water *Phosphate Cartridge - For prevention of scale formation.
*Reservoir Stand (SS).

Special Advantages of Quartz Distiller

 *Ultra Pure Water
 *Pyrogen Free
 *Free of Heavy Metals
 *Maximum Safety
 *Compact Design
 *Easy to operate
 *Excellent for tissue culture work
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