S. D. Scientific and Chemicals laid its foundation stone in 2005 as a Supplier and Distributor of laboratory, Industrial and Plating chemicals, Instruments, Glassware, Plastic ware and General Items. Since then it has never looked back. The activities of the company expanded significantly to a point where 2000 items are regularly sold.

We are supplier for Laboratory, Imported and Plating Chemicals, Laboratory Glasswares, Laboratory Plastic wares, Laboratory Filter Paper & Membranes, Laboratory Silica wares, Quartz wares and Platinum Wares, Laboratory Instruments (Analytical Instruments, Electricals Instruments, Weighing Balances, Microscopes, Biotechnology Instruments, Pharmacy Instruments and All), Culture Media and Teaching Kits, RNA- DNA Kits and all Laboratory General Items.

Now we are Authorized Distributor for SD-fine chem, Finar Chemicals, Medox-Biotech, Ambassador Instruments, Electronic India, Labtronics, Lobalife/Glassco Glassware, MN Filter Paper (Germany) and Infusil in Rajasthan and also Imported Chemicals - Sigma-Aldrich, Alfa-Aesar, Stream, Himedia, Genetix Biotech, Bio-Matrix, Borosil, Infusil, ASGI, SKG glass wares, Polylab, Tarson, Infusil plastic wares, and much types of instrument like Omega, Mettler, Simadzu, Tempo, Elico, Toshniwal, Macro Scientific, Osaw, Newtech, UTS, Saitech, Systronics, Merck-Instruments, Mitutoyo Digital Calipers and Screw gauge, Imported Thermometer and Hydrometer from Zeal England and lemico, Olympus Microscopes, Whatman, Sonar, SD’s filter paper, Millipore and Sartorius Filter Papers and Membranes and so more.

We set up all types of Laboratories like Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Engineering, Industrial, Government Laboratories, Test Houses and others.

S. D. Scientific and Chemicals supplies regularly more than 2000 laboratory chemicals, equipments and laboratory reagent. It is the policy of S. D. Scientific and Chemicals to provide a superior service to our customers. The main factor behind the continued expansion of S. D. Scientific and Chemicals is service.

Our store will give you a clear picture of our above 05 years experience. The products in which we deal with are:
  • A to Z Laboratory Chemicals, Stains, Indicators Powder & Solutions
  • A to Z Laboratory Dyes: Acid, Basic, Direct, Mordent, Solvent Dyes
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Amino Acids, Diagnostic Reagent
  • Bio Chemicals & Reagents
  • Culture Media: Bacteriological Media dehydrated & Sera
  • Culture Media Ingredients
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Oils (LAB)
  • Plating and Refining Chemicals for Metals
  • Pathology Reagents
  • Specialty Chemicals & R & D CHEMICALS
  • Test Papers and Membranes

In our Six year experience we have many customers who is belong to many areas like Industries, Diagnostic Centers, Govt. and P.G. colleges, Biotech, Pharmacy, Dental and Engineering colleges. We participated in many tenders such as Universities, Govt. Department (All Rajasthan) and Medical Colleges. So that we have over 20 rate contracts approved by various hospitals, colleges, universities, research institutions, industries, etc. all over Rajasthan. The firm reaches out to more than 200 customers through its sales force.
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